John F. Washington, Attorney at Law

Every lawyer you talk to has been to law school.  Has passed the bar exam.  Many have been in practice for years and have handled hundreds or even thousands of cases.  And many of those lawyers have never appeared before a jury and tried a case in their entire career.  John F. Washington is not one of those lawyers.

John Washington is a seasoned criminal trial lawyer with an unmatched string of acquittals and dismissals.  Regardless of whether you are innocent or guilty, or whether you want a to quickly plead guilty and get probation, you need a lawyer with the experience and drive to take your case to trial.

In criminal cases it’s critical to have a trial lawyer on your side – many criminal cases get dismissed right before trial, and even losing your trial is often better than settling for a plea bargain. Most lawyers never take criminal cases to trial – they take your money and walk you into a plea bargain without investigating your case or fighting for you at all. Many of John Washington’s felony cases get reduced to misdemeanors or dismissed completely because he’s willing to put up a fight.

A criminal defense lawyer’s only leverage in negotiating your case is his or her willingness and ability to take your case to trial when necessary.  Not only does John Washington have extensive jury trial experience, but he is a graduate of the Missouri Bar’s Advanced Trial College and an expert on drug lab analysis and cross examination.

John Washington is a graduate of the St. Louis University School of Law.  He has an intimate knowledge of how people think and react to others and uses this and his experience as a high school history teacher to educate jurors straight to a verdict of not guilty.

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